Natural Cosmetics - Introduction

Natural cosmetics is made with minimal or no chemicals. It is made exclusively from raw organic materials or from certified organic, wild herbs. The entire production process has to preserve the composition as close as possible to the original.

Natural cosmetics should not contain preservatives, synthetic fragrances and colours, silicones, paraffin, petroleum jelly, alcohol, genetically modified raw materials and pesticides. These cosmetic products are not in any part of its production tested on animals nor contain any ingredients derived by their abuse. Natural cosmetics packaging should be biodegradable.

The dilemma on how much a product is  natural  as it is usually stated on the packaging, is almost unsolvable. Ingredients can truly be natural and of proper origin, but either insufficient or too technologically processed and preserved, so they lose the attributes of a  natural product , namely-natural cosmetic.

As preservatives, they affect the natural antibacterial components of the product: essential oils, propolis and alcohol (natural alcohol) as well as the appropriate procedures in packaging and preparation. This prevents the contamination of products and provides a long lasting product.

In addition to natural methods of preservation, for the microbiological safety of the products we can use certain preservatives that are identical to natural, such as:
- Benzoic acid, its salts and ethyl ester
- Benzoic acid, its salts and ethyl ester
- Sorbic acid and its salts
- Benzyl alcohol

All these certificates have common criteria for the cosmetics, so they are classified as natural, i.e. organic. Certificates guarantee at least 95 per cent of organic compounds.

Every product that bears the name of natural cosmetics must be certified by the principles of quality control:

- ECOCERT - control system and certification of organic products without the use of chemicals

- BDIH  - guarantee of natural origin, quality and safety of the product awarded according
- OFC - Organic Food Chain certificate (Organic Food Chain of Australia), which is approved in Europe
- In our country approved by the Institute of Public Health  Dr.Milan Jovanović Batut  or some other   institution which is capable of quality control on the highest level.

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